ofsted good providerHaving been commended for delivering high quality apprenticeships by receiving a “good” rating in its first ever full inspection by Ofsted, WELL Training has a proud record in delivering effective courses for a range of clients.

Whether it is young people looking to get their foot on the ladder with a small to medium sized enterprise, or accessing apprenticeship levy funds to enhance managerial skills at a leading international brand, WELL can get results.

We understand the importance of ensuring apprenticeship courses give recognised qualifications and will also tailor courses to the needs of each employer to make the learning as relevant as possible.

And with strong understanding of funding opportunities, including options for making use of apprenticeship levy funds, we can ensure the training works for each employer.

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If you are thinking about Apprenticeships for new and existing employees but you are you unsure how they work, click here to view the dates of our latest Apprenticeship Information sessions with one of our trained experts.

You will walk away knowing the specifics of our Apprenticeship programmes.

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It’s important to recognise that apprenticeships are for everyone. They extend beyond school leavers and cater to individuals of all ages. Whether looking to enhance skills or aiming for that well-deserved promotion, apprenticeships offer opportunities for continuous learning and professional growth. Let’s celebrate the diverse paths that apprenticeships pave for individuals at every stage of their career journey with a piece from our L5 Operation Managers at RSK Group. Speaking to Ben Wakefield MBA, QTLS about their apprenticeship, thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience with us.
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