WELL Training offer clients a unique range of fully integrated training and consultancy services that will develop, transform and grow your business.

Our services cover every stage on that journey, from working with you to develop your strategic plan with strategic leaders, through to frontline training delivery and programmes.

WELL Training has a highly experienced team who will work closely with you at whatever stage you need our help.

WELL Training’s approach is to really get to know the organisations we work with, to understand their culture, drivers and ambitions, becoming part of your extended trusted team to really deliver the best results.

Our integrated approach combines business and industry knowledge with insight and innovative solutions, ensuring high quality dedicated provision to help our clients excel.


1. We get to know your business

WELL Training will get to know your business and understand where our clients are headed, what drives them, their direction, what they want to achieve, what barriers they face. Unlike many other consultants or providers, we like to get to know our clients, as we know this will ultimately help us achieve the best results

2. Everything we do is unique and bespoke

WELL Training don’t do ‘off the shelf’ every part of our service will be unique to your business. We will of course make suggestions and with accredited provision, have certain requirements we have to fulfil, but all of the support that sits underneath that will be unique to you.

3. We are ‘super’ flexible

We believe to deliver the best services for our clients it needs to be on their timescales and when they need our support is when we provide it. This can sometimes mean different timezones, out of hours, weekends, last minute request. We pride ourselves on always being able to fulfil our client needs and our flexibility is key to this

4. Innovation and transformation is in our DNA

To be the best, we continually innovate, develop and transform what we do to make sure we can be leaders in our field. Whether that be through continual investment in our staff CPD, investment in new technologies such as our online learning platform or making sure we are the forefront of knowledge on the wider business landscape.

5. We deliver real impact (and measure it for you)

We continually measure the impact of the support we provide to the individuals and businesses we work with. Making a difference is one of our core values and drives us to ensure everything we do makes a difference. We work with our clients up front to identify the measures and impact areas they most to see a change in and then we continually measure against those, to ensure we are driving a real difference in that area.

6. We become your invisible trusted partner

We pride ourselves on becoming the invisible trusted partner within the organisations we work with. We recognise to deliver the best results, they need to be embedded and supported by the organisation. We build capacity and capability with everyone we work with in your business, to ensure when our services are no longer required, you can continue on your journey in a sustainable manner.