IAAPA Leadership Essentials Training Programme


IAAPA approved Leadership Essentials training programme


Leadership Essentials, an IAAPA approved 4 week virtual programme will ensure that you learn how to lead a high-performing team with authenticity while developing your leadership communication skills and behaviours. You will also learn the fundamentals of leadership coaching.
During the programme, you will participate in active, engaging learning activities.
This programme will be an opportunity to develop your leadership capabilities, skills, and knowledge. Your team and organisation will benefit from your growth as you become a more impactful leader, able to support and develop your team to achieve amazing results. This programme has been designed for participants who are looking to develop their leadership skills and capabilities; whether an existing leader or in the early stages of your leadership journey, this programme will offer the opportunity to develop new skills, deepen existing knowledge and help to refine leadership behaviours which gets results! 


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