Apprenticeship leaRNER TESTIMONIALS

This programme has changed the way I think about scenarios & it has enabled me to adapt my approach depending on the situation.

I have grown so much as a person as well as professionally, following the completion of my Level 3 Leadership & management Apprenticeship programme. My emotional intelligence has sky-rocketed & I have a lot more confidence in myself.
I apply the things I learnt from the programme every day, in my own life as well as at work.
My Tutor was amazing, she was available anytime for support, always adjusting to what we needed & she did not adapt a one approach fits all, making learning fun & exciting whilst ensuring we got all the information needed. Nothing ever felt like too much trouble so I would recommend WELL training for anyone that needs training services, WELL made my success possible & coming out of it with a double distinction is as much a testament to WELL as it is to myself.

This Apprenticeship helped me to understand other leadership styles, allowing me to tailor coaching support.

The Coaches at WELL Training are experts in their field. They simplify complex topics into bitesize chunks, they provide flexibility & work around an apprentice & their 1:1 sessions, they put you at ease when studying & working full-time.

Ben in particular is an excellent Coach & was a tower of strength with the End point assessment stage of my Apprenticeship. My 1:1’s & the knowledge gained during the group sessions also helped me to navigate the end point assessment.

The Coaching Professional Apprenticeship has enabled me to empower other leaders with skills & knowledge they didn’t know they had through my new-found coaching skills.

WELL Training & my tutor have helped my career!

WELL Training helped me to deal with difficult work situations, & with their learning styles & training models, it’s enabled me to approach these situations differently, using my learning in my everyday role. The training was everything & more than I expected! I have been more positive & I now have a different outlook to my work.

Thank you for being patient & helping me to build my confidence

I want to say the biggest thank you to my Functional Skills Tutor for helping me study for maths & English Functional Skills. I feel so proud after passing my exams & I feel after this, I can do anything in life! For a non-English speaker, this is great  achievement, even if I say so myself!

If our Coach didn't make time for us as a team, none of us would be as far along as we are.

Often further education can seem stuffy or boring and that certainly hasn’t been the case with WELL Training. For me personally, I have found the training sessions and suggested reading material to be very good for my personal development. I have been able to be more introspective having an improved understanding of the psychology of people management and it has allowed me to become more emotionally mature and self-aware. In doing so, I have been able to recognise certain behaviours in my team and manage my responses to those behaviours better. I have become a much better manager, leader and person. As mentioned above, my own personal emotional maturity has improved, giving me more patience, empathy and understanding. In turn, allowing me to manage my team better. In the year since I started the course, I have seen my team move from Stroming into Norming and will hopefully be able to progress them into Performing.

I knew well would help me to achieve my goals

After completing the Functional Skills assessment I realised my strengths & weaknesses with Maths & English. The Functional Skills tutor provided online sessions & 1:1’s to help me progress & build my confidence. Passing my Functional Skills has allowed me to continue with my learning journey.

I couldn’t have done this without my Coach & their knowledge, support & advice.

Thank you to my Learning Coach for your continued support and endless hours spent with me to support me with completing my apprenticeship. I couldn’t have done this without Ben’s knowledge, support, advice and just general support whenever I needed it. Ben was friendly and approachable, and made me feel welcome to approach at any given moment or time. 

I have learnt a lot in the last few months of my apprenticeship. I have been able to use my newly gained skills during my day-to-day work life which has had a positive impact on my store and personal development.

I recently began training for a new role as an area manager and doing my level 5 apprenticeship with WELL Training has worked in symbiosis with my on the job role and the training from my company and colleagues. The content provided by WELL is growing my knowledge to new approaches and styles and stretching my current skills and I feel so supported by my Learning Coach with our 1:1 sessions. I feel that doing this qualification alongside my inhouse training has strengthened my time management and organisational skills. 

My Coach was extremely supportive in our sessions & encouraged me to always exceed.

I would like to express my complete satisfaction with my Apprenticeship, since my Learning Coach was always available to discuss any doubts with my my work, she was extremely supportive in our sessions encouraging me to always exceed. Because I’m not a native English speaker, I always considered my chances slim and put myself in a lower position than my peers when it came to the EPA but with my coach’s vast knowledge and emotional intelligence I was assured that I was able to finish the training. I felt totally free to bring up any doubts and questions knowing that the help was there.