Learner Case Studies

Hear directly from the perspective of our learners as they share their experiences of how WELL Training empowered them to enhance their skills and significantly influence their professional lives through our customised training programmes.

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The training I received allowed me to learn new management styles. I put these learnings into practice and challenged my team in ways I believed would be most productive.

WELL Training Team Leader Supervisor Apprenticeship Case Study from RIVUS
Team Leader/Supervisor Apprenticeship

Through better communication skills learned from the Foundation Academy, we now have regular meetings with all the relevant departments. By actively listening and understanding each department’s opinion, we were able to build consensus quickly, therefore each communication has more impact.

Edgewell Personal Care Foundation Academy Case Study
Communicate with Impact workshop

Through the study, I have learned that leaders could adjust their style according to the environment they’re in, and that I could adopt a leadership style more suitable to the team member’s ability and attitude.

Edgewell Personal Care Foundation Academy Case Study
Situational Leadership workshop

Without the knowledge and skills I gained from the Apprenticeship, my emotional intelligence would not have been sufficient enough to navigate through the challenges I faced.

WELL Training RIVUS Apprenticeship Learner Case Study
Team Leader / Supervisor Apprenticeship