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WELL Training is an IAAPA pre-approved provider, as part of IAAPA innovative pre-approved provider programme.
All of our programmes carry IAAPA ICAE Credits and can be used towards annual accreditation at ICAE level.

Upcoming IAAPA Programmes

You will learn how to lead a high-performing team with authenticity while developing your leadership communication skills and behaviours. You will also learn the fundamentals of leadership coaching. Your team and organisation will benefit from your growth as you become a more impactful leader, able to support and develop your team to achieve amazing results.

9 IAAPA ICAE CE Credits $399 per person IAAPA members / $499 non members
*NEW* Training Dates - 11th April / 18th / 25th / 2nd May 19:00 BST / 11:00 PST
You will learn how to identify, assess, and manage risk and communicate strategy effectively to stakeholders so that they are motivated to action your strategy. As a strategic leader, you will be better able to lead your organisation through the challenges that come your way. You will construct and communicate an engaging and motivational vision for your team or organisation, resulting in highly engaged and motivated stakeholders.

9 IAAPA ICAE CE Credits $399 per person IAAPA members / $499 non members
You will learn how to identify that change needs to happen within your team or organisation and how to manage every stage of the change process successfully. You will also learn how to develop evaluation strategies for measuring the impact of change. This programme will help ensure that the necessary changes within your team or organisation are planned, budgeted, communicated, and evaluated effectively so that you can achieve your desired results and evaluate the return on the changing investment.

9 IAAPA ICAE CE Credits $399 per person IAAPA members / $499 non members
You will learn how to have powerful coaching conversations, how coaching can directly impact performance, and how your leadership coaching can impact your team and your organisation. Leadership coaching skills can be used in all areas of your leadership and broader life. Building a coaching culture within your team and organisation will directly impact the motivation and engagement of your team and therefore, their results.

9 IAAPA ICAE CE Credits $399 per person IAAPA members / $499 non members


Authentic Leadership

Leading a High Performing Team

Leadership Communication

Stakeholder Communication

Effective Goal Setting

Conflict Management

Motivating Team Members

Coaching for Performance

Coaching for Career Development

Successful Performance Management

Change Management – Triggers for Change

Change Management – Managing Change

Change Management – Managing Risk

Evaluating the Impact of Change

Strategic Planning

Creating & Communicating a Strategic Vision

Setting Organized Goals

Strategic Risk Management

Strategic Business Planning

Personal Professional Development as a Leader

Meet the IAAPA Team

Lianne Russell - Head of Commercial

Li Russell Programme Lead
20+ years’ experience of Leadership coaching using recognised psychological and psychometric assessments with
organisations across the globe.

Li is the Head of Commercial for WELL Training and has a creative approach to strategic organisational development.

Marc Dixon US Development
29 years of experience in the travel and leisure sector, with diverse roles such as business development, sales, marketing,
and executive positions globally.

Marc leads the strategic development initiatives for WELL Training in the
United States.

Adrea Gibbs Facilitator/Coach
Branding expert, who has contributed to organisations in & outside of themed entertainment. Adrea’s involvement with IAAPA includes serving on the Education Committee, Hall of Fame Committee, & Chairman of the IAAPA Games &
Merchandise Subcommittee. Adrea, a Certified Attractions Executive (ICAE), is dedicated to creating experiences that excite, engage, & elevate.

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