How WELL Training HELPED EDGEWELL PERSONAL CARE to transform people development

Partnering with WELL Training, global personal care leader Edgewell have delivered impactful people development programmes to colleagues working globally in several languages for future growth and success.


Forward-thinking Edgewell is a company that lives and breathes its values. They recognise the role talent development plays in creating and building success and in bringing its values to life across a global organisation. Instead of pausing learning and development during the pandemic, Edgewell moved to delivering programmes virtually and wanted a partner who could deliver impactful support.


US-based Edgewell is a leader in the personal care sector with brands including Wilkinson Sword razors, Bulldog skincare, feminine hygiene brands Carefree and Stayfree, plus the Hawaiian Tropic and Banana Boat suntan lotions. Billed as “a company of people” the global team totals 6,500. Edgwell says: “With more than 25 brands in our portfolio, we bring joy to more than 50 countries, keeping a keen eye on efficiency and sustainability.”


Edgewell’s innovative Impactful Feedback programme was delivered entirely online to 1,664 Edgewell teammates across the globe and in several languages including English, Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish, Czech, French, and German. Every level of the organisation participated, from the senior executive team, including CEO Rod Little, through to all salaried levels.

The workshop which helped employees understand new techniques for giving and receiving feedback, was delivered by the WELL team based in the UK to Edgewell’s teammates in China, Japan, Europe, Central America, and South America. WELL had delivered the Virtual Foundation Leadership Academy, which equipped first line managers with essential skills to lead their teams.

client verdict

Nadia Comegna, Global Director, Talent Management for Edgewell Personal Care:

“Thanks to our strong partnership with WELL, Edgewell has empowered every participant to use feedback to enhance the working environment we are building worldwide.

“We enjoy working with WELL, as they really spent the time to tailor this programme to meet our exact needs and embed our values throughout. They also go the extra mile in flexibility to meet our tight timescales for rolling out this programme.”


A survey of the Impactful Feedback cohort showed a 95% increase in people saying they were very confident to give feedback at the end of the workshop. A further 94% rated the sessions as good or excellent. In total, 150 workshops were delivered over a short time span to encourage Edgewell teammates worldwide to learn new ways of sharing and receiving comments, which can have a huge impact on the culture of such a prestigious global organisation.

Nadia Comegna, Global Director, Talent Management, adds: “By mixing practical techniques with WELL’s engaging delivery style, teammates in 17 countries, using seven different languages, will be able to help build a strong feedback culture across our business, ultimately supporting Edgewell to achieve better results. We are delighted with the strong evaluation results and look forward to seeing the impact as we continue to reinforce the learnings.”


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