How WELL Training transformed people development at Cherry Hill Programs

Working with WELL Training, Cherry Hill Programs, a market leader with photo operations in venues across the US and Canada, have seen their people development enhanced. WELL collaborated with in-house staff to get to know the business, customers, people and stakeholders to create a range of high impact, quality training programmes.


Cherry Hill Programs wanted to create a standardised approach to training across all seasonal location sites, that would help ensure colleagues could “bring the magic” for all guests and partner locations, increasing client stakeholder satisfaction and ultimately sales across all our regions. Working across the US and Canada, they wanted to embed their mission, vision and values throughout bespoke training. They also required high standards of delivery, with programmes delivered to the very highest standard and quality.


Cherry Hill Programs are a market leader with annual and seasonal photo operations in hundreds retail and attraction venues across the United States and Canada. With local management and over 15,000 employees nationwide, they help make Christmas and other holidays special, drawing upon a network of more than 1,300 authentic, real-bearded Santa Claus characters. They offer end-to-end technology solutions, including appointment-setting software, digital photography and printing equipment and digital image delivery platforms.


Working with Cherry Hill Programs internal teams and leads, WELL created a consistent training programme to create excellent customer service and sales skills across all locations helping to ensure all sales associates were able to ‘Bring the Magic’, the company’s goal. Their collaboration resulted in the creation the MAGIC Customer Service & Sales programme. The implementation included the creation of the online location manager programme, which was fully completed by more than 380 managers through an engaging digital platform created for Cherry Hill Programs.

The five online modules were tailored to the company, with topics include Leading the Magic, Communicating the Magic, Coaching the Magic, How to train the Magic and The MAGIC Programme. In addition, WELL also delivered bespoke leadership programmes for district and regional managers. In total, 63 managers were trained through this six module online classroom programme, which covered successful recruitment, leadership, business brilliance, communication with impact, coaching for performance and Training the Magic.

client verdict

Chief Strategy Officer at Cherry Hill Programs, Photogenic, Inc., John Barbieri:

“One of the biggest challenges we have is we have 700 seasonal locations so we are staffing up quickly and trying to get consistency of customer service support and it is a challenge. WELL delivered everything we needed and then some. They helped us streamline the process and streamline the training programme. We have seen the impact of their work even years later. It’s been a really good experience. I would absolutely recommend working with WELL Training, particularly if you are an organisation like we are trying to get consistency across a large number of locations.”


The management training at all levels was delivered effectively by WELL and ensured consistent approach in core areas. Leadership capability was developed across all levels, ensuring more effective stakeholder management, team motivation, coaching and goal setting and performance tracking. The MAGIC Programme provided a consistent approach to customer service standards and effective sales delivery. A range of toolkits, resources and playbooks was developed and utilised.

Training provided an opportunity for connection between multiple locations across the Cherry Hill Programs territories. Of those taking part, 94% of district managers felt their regional managers supported them more effectively following the programmes. A further 96% rated their training experience with WELL as excellent. Overall, attendees gave 4.6 out of 5 stars when asked how the programme had developed their leadership knowledge, skills and behaviours.


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