WELL Training announces the launch of WELL Training US

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WELL Training, a long-established apprenticeship and commercial training provider focusing on leadership & management development, announces the launch of WELL Training US to manage the continued expansion in the market of the USA,
Canada and the Caribbean.

This timely launch will provide WELL Training with the essential expertise of the North American market to grow their programmes and to complement their highly successful apprenticeship offering across the private and public sector.

WELL Training US is led by Marc Dixon and Robin Dimond, along with their team of specialists in the delivery of leadership & management training in a highly attractive and growing sector. Although, WELL Training US will have a different look and branding, our core values are at the centre of everything:

  1. We care!
  2. We make a difference every day!
  3. Driven by you, realising your potential!
WELL Training US Values

Team US

Marc Dixon
As Global CEO of Visum Technologies PLC, Marc leads a company revolutionising video capture technology. 30 + years in the travel & leisure industry, 

Robin Dimond
As CEO of Fifth & Cor, an Innovation & Immersive Marketing company, Robin brings over 18 years of experience leading a successful team dedicated to client success.

Adrea Gibbs
With 40+ years in the attractions & entertainment industry, Adrea’s global experience has shaped her approach to human interaction and cultural sensitivity. 

Karianne Moucka
As an Entrepreneur and creative at heart, Karianne has spent the last 7 years as a fractional CMO supporting C-level leaders globally. A proven track record, Karianne partners with B2B and B2C leaders.

US Services

“We are thrilled to join the WELL Training family and announce the launch of the US division. Alongside our team of experts, we’re excited to deliver exceptional training, leadership coaching, and development programs. Stay tuned for our newest offerings, including ‘WELLbeing’ and Gamification Learning, as we continue to innovate in the field”

WELL Training US Chief Executive Officer 

WELL Training has been renowned for providing extremely high-quality training programmes and apprenticeships in the UK and across the globe. This launch increases their ability to transform tomorrow’s leaders by giving people the skills to develop, to grow and to transform!

WELL Training US business quote
WELL Training US behind the scenes
Marc Dixon & Fifth & Cor Lexie Becker working on behind the scenes launch of WELL Training US

Steve Payne, WELL Training’s Chief Executive Officer has said “This is an exciting expansion of WELL Training’s operations so working with Marc and his team will help us to make the most of the huge potential in the leadership & management development across the whole of North America. We know that post-Covid has presented many new challenges for businesses and so improving the skills of the companies’ leaders is essential to maintain growth in any industry.”


Visit WellTrainingUS.com today to learn more.