Top Tips for Managing a Team

WELL Training sharing top tips to running a team

With over 35 years of experience in managing people, you inevitably gather valuable tips and insights. From effective communication strategies to fostering a positive workplace culture, these lessons have stood the test of time and continue to shape successful management practices today.

No. 1 - Get a good mentor

No matter how many courses you’ve taken or books you’ve read or workshops you’ve attended, there is nothing better than an independent ear to help you look at how you are managing your team.

Mentor with WELL Training

Next, look at your own skillset. Some people have an innate ability to build good relationships with people but even this isn’t enough when managing a diverse team so tip number two is:

No. 2 - Complete a course appropriate to your role

I would recommend a course that covers topics such as coaching a team, effective communication, motivation and performance management. These areas will give you a good base for managing a successful team.

Learn the right way with WELL Training

One of the hardest elements of managing a team is to ‘let go’ so the next tips cover this area.

No. 3 - Trust your team

A well-functioning team is built on trust, so encourage transparency and open communication and active listening. This will boost collaboration in the team which in turn improves productivity.

Managing a team with trust

No. 4 - Learn to delegate

Every team member will have their own unique skills and experiences, so use this diverse range of backgrounds to enhance both team dynamics and overall business performance.

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No. 5 - Set clear, measurable goals

Successful delegation needs all parties to be clear on what is expected. Make sure that team objectives are agreed and easy to measure so that success can be rewarded and where required, poor performance can be improved.

Measuring business goals with WELL Training

There are so many other elements to managing a team but these
top 5 tips will give you a good base.

If you want to explore managing a team in more detail then
I am happy to talk or support you.

Steve Payne

Steve Payne, WELL Training CEO