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Community Matters

Opportunities & Benefits for Employers

As an employer in one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK you may find you sometimes struggle to fill employment vacancies with people with the right skills for the industry.

By contacting WELL and working with us on the Community Matters programme, WELL can help fill these vacancies with individuals who will have the right skills and knowledge to help your business to succeed.

Opportunities for Employers to engage with this programme include:

  • Become a business mentor
  • Provide work experience opportunities
  • Provide volunteering opportunities
  • Tell us about employment opportunities so we can help fill your vacancies

By contacting WELL we can discuss any of the above opportunities that you would like to get involved in.

The benefits of getting involved in Community Matters include:

  • Ensuring you have access to individuals who will have been through an intensive training induction programme to get them ready for employment in the sector
  • Quick access to individuals looking for work, with no recruitment/agency fees for your organisation
  • Provides fantastic PR opportunities for your organisation, as WELL will be running a PR campaign to promote employers who support the programme
  • Development opportunities for your staff who become mentors, as they can utilise these new skills and techniques back in the workplace
  • Supports your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives by supporting people in your local communities