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NLP Training Courses

Principles of NLP and its Application


Do you want to find out more about NLP and find out what it can do for you? Are you interested in finding out for yourself the incredible benefits of NLP and about the life changing results it has had in their lives?

Would you really like to understand for yourself what NLP is?

Our 1 day introduction to NLP will provide you with all the key foundations around NLP, its application and some simple mechanisms to apply NLP techniques in your every day life and in the workplace.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone interested in finding out more about NLP and what it can do for them. The 1 day session is also a useful introduction for anyone thinking about taking a full NLP Diploma or Practitioner Training and like the idea of finding out a bit more about NLP first before they make the commitment.

What Topics the day will cover?

The 1 day taster will show you different ways to:

  • Influence people effectively
  • Apply NLP in Business
  • Effectively communicate
  • Get on the same wavelength as strangers instantly
  • Set goals and achieve goals that fire you up
  • Put yourself and others into powerful, positive states
  • Keep your cool when you might not normally
  • Replace old negative habits with positive ones

£150 per person including all course materials, including a NLP book to support you in further learning and application of the techniques you will learn on the course.

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