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NLP Training Courses

Using NLP to improve Customer Service


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) explains how our minds work and how we can best use this knowledge if we want to change our behaviours to achieve the best results.

The way you interact with your customers makes the difference between a fantastic and disappointing customer experience. Therefore ensuring you and your organisation have the additional knowledge and skills that NLP can provide, by helping shift the balance towards more outstanding and memorable experiences for your customers will give you and your organisation the added advantage, by developing brand advocates, building customer loyalty and facilitate selling up opportunities.

NLP has been used in business for many years to increase sales and enhance customer service through improved management skills and relationship building. This 1 day course will give you and your organisation the additional skills and knowledge to build better relationships with your customers.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone interested in applying NLP techniques to either improve their own or their organisations customer satisfaction and therefore business improvement. The course is ideally suited for either operational staff or team leaders, managers of customer facing teams.

Key topics covered
  • Modelling excellence and how to move your organisation to customer service excellence
  • Selling up and coaching customers
  • Creating brand champions and advocates from your customers
  • Training people to be flexible – enabling your staff to respond to and meet customer needs and requirements
  • Helping measure whether staff deliver your qualitative outcomes

£200 per person including all course materials, including a NLP book to support you in further learning and application of the techniques you will learn on the course.

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