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Customer Service Qualifications

Level 2 Certificate in Customer Service Knowledge


This qualification aims to provide learners either new or looking to expand on their existing customer service knowledge, with the knowledge and identification of what makes good customer service and how their organisations can create customer satisfaction and experiences, and what they as individuals can do to support this.

This qualification also provides an introduction to the legislation, policies and procedures relevant to customer service.

Who is this qualification suitable for?

This qualification is suitable for either those already working in customer service or those new to the customer service industry.

Benefits of this qualification

For organisations this qualification will provide your staff with the knowledge and practical skills they need to give excellent customer service to all your customers, partners and stakeholders.

To individuals this qualification could both help you within your current role, in addition to providing you with a universally recognised qualification across the services sector to help with your career development.

Qualification Content

This qualification consists of the following three mandatory units:

  • Understanding the organisation
  • Prepare to deliver excellent customer service
  • Communication in the customer service role

This qualification is delivered over four day face-to-face delivery with a portfolio completed within 3 months.


Portfolio and on-going assessment activities from the face-to-face training day.


£475 including all registration and certification fees.

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