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Coaching & Mentoring Courses

Whether you are just starting out in Management or at the top of your game with the responsibility to implement organisation wide policy, our coaching and mentoring qualifications will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to get the very best from your team.

WELL coaching and mentoring qualifications have been designed to develop management coaching and mentoring skills helping you to identify the links between coaching, mentoring and the achievement of business goals.

Coaching and Mentoring training delivered by WELL will give individual's the empowerment they require, by providing the knowledge, learning and specialist support to help gain new skills and confidence to ensure personal, business and organisational development.

Benefits of undertaking a Coaching and Mentoring qualification with WELL include:

Improved productivity – Coaching and mentoring not only improves motivation and productivity of your staff, but it may also stimulate entrepreneurial thinking and behaviour, therefore helping improve performance of your business or organisation.

Coachee/Mentee benefits - Well-coached/mentored individuals feel that have increased confidence in their own abilities and have a positive attitude. Coachees/Mentee's are often happier, more loyal and productive as a result. They will also be better equipped to cope with critical transitions, such as organisational change, and needing to apply or learn new or additional skills. Coaching/Mentoring is a mechanism to empower staff to enable them to take on new challenges and responsibilities. As a result coachees/mentee's are more resourceful, and are more ambitious to continue on the path of self-improvement.

Coach/Mentor Benefits - Benefits for mentors include incredible satisfaction in being able to contribute to someone else's growth, an opportunity to improve their own learning and skills and provides the stimulus for renewed focus on their own career and self development.

Delivering Corporate Social Responsibilities – WELL Coaching and Mentoring training will also support your organisations Corporate Social Responsibility objectives, by providing you with the skills and techniques to give something back and support the communities in which you serve.

Raises quality standards and performance – Coaching and mentoring not only demonstrates a commitment to improving and supporting the wellbeing of your staff, but the application of the knowledge and skills gained will also support your organisation or business to achieve additional external quality kitemarks such as Investors in People and Investors in Excellence.

Two for the price of one – As far as development is concerned, you are getting "two for the price of one"; with the progression of both the coach/mentor and the coachee/mentee.

How do WELL Management & Leadership qualifications work?

Within each of our levels you have the choice to study for three different sizes of qualification:

• Award - A concise qualification developing basic skills and knowledge.
• Certificate - Building on and broadening the areas covered within the Award.
• Diploma - Development of a comprehensive range of skills and knowledge.

Topping up your qualification

The benefit of choosing WELL is that if at any point you decide that you would like to ‘top up’ your qualification and reach the next step, we can help you achieve the next level of qualification (i.e. award, certificate or diploma), through further learning and by building on work already done and skills already gained.

What are the entry requirements?

There are no specific entry requirements for our qualifications, but in most cases you'll already be a manager or leader with the relevant experience to understand and make use of the skills and knowledge you'll learn.

How long will my qualification take?

The length of your time studying with WELL will depend on the units you undertake within your chosen qualification and the delivery times, but we can work with you to tailor duration and length of training to suit your individual, business or organisation needs.

How are these qualifications assessed?

Assessment will be undertaken by a variety of assessment methods. However, we will assess most of your learning through practical work-based assignments, meaning you spend as little time as possible away from work and carry out study that is relevant to you or your business or organisation.

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What qualifications Do WELL Offer?

Level 3 Award in Coaching & Mentoring

Level 3 Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring

Level 3 Diploma in Coaching & Mentoring

Level 5 Award in Management Coaching & Mentoring

Level 5 Certificate in Management Coaching & Mentoring

Level 5 Diploma in Management Coaching & Mentoring

Level 7 Award in Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

Level 7 Certificate in Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

Level 7 Diploma in Leadership Coaching & Mentoring