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Child & Vulnerable Adult Protection & Child Sexual Exploitation Training

Child and vulnerable adult protection and safeguarding is a vital and potentially lifesaving duty of anyone who works with children and vulnerable adults.

In taking our courses, you can ensure that you understand your responsibilities for any children and vulnerable adults under your care, and feel confident in carrying out the appropriate actions should you have any concerns.

Failure to comply with legal obligations can lead to financial and/or reputational damage, revocation of license, prosecution or other sanction.

Attending our Child and Vulnerable adult protection or Child Sexual Exploitation training will help organisations ensure they comply with both their moral and legal obligations in relation to child protection and child sexual exploitation.

These 1 day programmes are designed to be informative and to help you ensure your organisations have the right systems and processes in place in additional to the skills and contacts to ensure you provide a safe environment for children and vulnerable adults.

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Child Sexual Exploitation Training Session